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Experience the river flows and rapids, highest tops and different trails. Hiking, cycling, canoeing, rafting, skiing, paragliding in the most beautiful nature spots will make your heart beath faster and your body becomes free. Mother Nature shaped the area for a perfect adventure journey and it is up to you to take all of it and give your mind and body the most exciting feeling. Because adventure is another form of travel, it beyond an ordinary travel. Your new adventure starts just here.



Feel the green while hiking at NP Kozara where the overall length of marked mountain and biking trails reaches 300km. Due to the road network, land structure and attractive terrain Kozara can be climbed up from all directions which will take you trough the most beautiful landscapes.

For those more experienced and eager of bigger hiking challenge, trails at Zelengora, Volujak and Maglić mountains within NP Sutjeska are the perfect match. Feel the true nature and beauty of Zelengora lakes, explore the trails of highest peak Maglić and the magic of the oldest rainforest Preućica.

Discover the paths of history taking the trails in the area around Banja Luka. Watermills and waterfalls of Krupa na Vrbasu will take your breath away, as well as other small villages, monasteries, and medieval fortifications you can find next to these routs.

Olympic mountain Jahorina is not just known for skiing but also for hiking trails of different length and difficulty. Blue trail has a circular shape and it is known for numerous water springs, and the green trail was named after the deciduous and coniferous forests through which it passes.

Hiking lovers don’t miss Šipovo surrounding area to try your skils and enjoy the so-called paradise of thousand springs. Multicolored and diverse flora and fauna combined with clean water is a unique hiking experience.

Sutjeska Sutjeska
Sutjeska Mountains


Experience all sides of adventure taking thrilling bike trails around Srpska and fill your body with some real adrenaline.

In the north part of Srpska Banja Luka and Kozara area are perfect for mountain bikers and they offer many exiting trails. Vrbas Adventure resort gives you a real challenge with three different routes with the total length of 102km. Taking this trails discover the natural paradise, as well as the cultural heritage visiting wooden churches, monasteries, fortresses.

MTB lovers should not miss the trails at Kozara mountain that are characteristic for the diversity of plants and animals, forest complexes, viewpoints, glades, brooks and dynamic relief that will make your ride even more attractive. A smaller trail is 34 km in length, and the other one is 64 km in length.

Also, a special kind of experience is mountain biking in Trebinje area located in the most southern part of Srpska. Sun, massive rocks and beautiful landscape make this an unusual ride. Take a bike route around the city of Trebinje driving trough Austro-Hungarian routs and visiting old towns Strač, Golo brdo, and Petrina.

Lately very popular mount biking destination is Pecka within Mrkonjić Grad region with well marked over 200km trails, scenic routes from easy to medium severity and lots of nearby attractions.


Take your adventure in the sky above the Srpska and experience its beauty from another perspective. There are various locations where you can take your sky adventure to the next level and feel a just-right dose of adrenaline.

Southwestern part of the city of Banja Luka is perfect for your first paragliding adventure, as well for those who are experienced pilots and tend to come to return again and again to enjoy the most amazing views from the sky. In Banja Luka, there are several paragliding launches sites each special for some reason. We recommend you Manjača and Krmine to take your unique paragliding flight.

Ozren Mountain has exceptional paragliding sailing conditions, especially in the spring and summer, when thermal flows reach a height of over 2500 m which allows the sailing to last several hours with a length of more than ten kilometers.

A location called Gljive in Trebinje area is very suitable for paragliding and taking into consideration the relief of the area and the charming spirit of the city even more valuable for adventure lovers.

Sutjeska Tara
Sutjeska Alagovac
Canyon Tijesno


FREE CLIMBING Republic of Srpska offers you adventure in all its shaped and free climbing is definitely something that has been interesting to many that visit Srpska due to the exceptional nature, interesting rocks and breathtaking landscapes. There are numerous climbing sites in Banja Luka with well-equipped routes of all degrees of difficulty

The canyon Tijesno is probably the most interesting site for adventures and the rout is 7km long. Magnificent view of the Vrbas the valley from the cliffs makes it an indispensable part of the climbing experience.

Also, very popular among the climbers is the Stone Bridge considered an unusual natural phenomenon. The climbing site consists of four sectors that have more than forty short sports routes (up to 40 meters).

Besides these sites, Kozara is another location perfectly shaped for free climbing adventures. A rock climbing site Zečiji kamen offers a real adrenaline rush for free climbing enthusiasts. With the waterfall and exceptional viewpoint, this site represents a unique attraction.


Since ancient times, the natural benefits provided by the mountain glades of these areas have been used for the purpose of recreation and vacation. The first skies arrived with the Austro-Hungarian occupation of this region and were brought by soldiers and officials who were skiing in the Alps.

With recreational skiing, also the competitive skiing has been developing, clubs were founded, various winter sports competitions were organized and the first hotels were built on Jahorina and on other mountains.

The first downhill competition was held in 1939 and the first cable car was launched in 1953 with a total length of 1050m at mountain Jahorina which says a lot about the history of skiing at this mountain that has been the host of Winter Olympic Games in 1984.

With the total length of 20km of ski runs, infrastructure, and amazing nature Jahorina is a paradise for winter adventure lovers. Much more on:

Krupa na vrbasu Sutjeska
Banja Vrucica Sutjeska
Rafting Tara


For those eager to fight the wildness of river flows and rapids Srpska has much to offer. Rafting is especially popular at rivers Tara and Vrbas that give you an opportunity for the active vacation in a unique natural environment.

The Vrbas has been a host of World Rafting Championship held in 2009 which gives you a sight how exciting rafting on the Vrbas is for amateurs and professionals. Also, river Vrbas is perfect for kayaking and canoeing.

There are also exceptional sites for canyoning adventures such as canyon of river Cvrcka and Švrakava located in Banja Luka area, canyon of river Hrčavka in Sutjeska National Park, as well canyon of river Sušica that belongs to the municipality of Foča, next to river Tara.

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