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Republic of Srpska is the land of high mountains, valleys, crystal clear rivers, freshwater streams, and old forests. Tucked into the heart of the Central Dinaric Alps this tiny country is a nature lover heaven. This is an untouched corner of the world that will trigger all your senses and make you connect with nature again. Find your inner peace in the quietness of high mountains, drink one of the cleanest water in Europe and enjoy every moment spent in the absolutely incredible nature.


National parks

Being a small country and having two undeniably fascinating National Parks is the something Republic of Srpska is very proud of.

National Park Sutjeska appeals tourist all over the world with its uniqueness and beauty. Sutjeska has been declared a national park in 1962 and it is significant because it is a home of the last primeval forest in Europe - Perućica. It is surrounded by the highest peak Maglić (2386), mountain Volujak, Snježnica, and beautiful breathtaking glacier lakes. The Skakavac waterfall crashing down from a height of over 70 m fulfills a human being with pleasure that this small part of primeval nature with rich multifunctional biodiversity has been preserved for present and future generations. Also, visiting the Sand Pyramids a unique wonder of nature similar to those in Colorado is a special experience you can gain. Much more on:

Another, but not less important is National Park Kozara also called „Green Beauty“ declared as a national park in 1967. If you are searching for peace and quietness than this is the place to find it by exploring the most hidden secret of its flora, fauna, mountain springs, dense forest areas, and beautiful landscapes. Kozara is classified as an „island mountain“because its peaks don’t go over 1000 m. Much more on:

Sutjeska Sutjeska
Sutjeska Mountains


Powerful and strong, special and unique. Mountains in Republic of Srpska leave visitor breathless. With its magnificent shapes and structure, they tell us their own story, the one created by the Mother Nature.

With the National Park Sutjeska, Maglić represents the highest peak of the country and the real challenge for hikers and climbers. With its meadows, hills, and glades it creates an unlimited space to explore for all nature lovers. Zelengora has considered as one of the most beautiful mountains of the country thanks to numerous springs of clear, hot and cold water, streams, rivers, and lakes.

Olympic slopes are a challenge, but that's just one more reason to get a feel for Jahorina Monuntain. Perfect for winter’s sports, Jahorina is one of the most precious pearls of the country. In summer shiny and beautiful green peaks make an extraordinary view, and in winter completely covered with snow, Jahorina evokes a special feeling in every visitor.  

Ozren is located in northern part of Srpska perfect for hiking and climbing while enjoying in beech, pine and oak groves, dominant peak viewpoints, an abundance of mountain water flows, and springs of which some are highly therapeutic.

Mountain Javor is situated in the eastern part and since ancient times has been known as an air spa it takes one of the leading plac4es in Europe thanks to its ozone amount. Nature lovers will enjoy century old beeches, groves of fir, sycamore and pine, caves, lakes, as well as endemic species of Serbian spruce.


River Tara, "the jewel of Europe" is a wild turquoise-blue river is fed by massive waters coming from the high mountains in Durmitor in neighborhood Montenegro. The ancient erosion created a canyon of 82 km long and the stunning nature that gives an opportunity for endless research of its banks.

It flows into the river Drina, another masterpiece of nature specific for its deep canyon and green, clear and clean water stream. Driving through narrow roads that follow her flow, or sailing the unpredictable Drina is the best way to explore everything she has to offer.

Una River with its tributaries is a true gem of clean drinking water, waterfalls, river islands and fauna. It was named by the ancient Romans, who, when they first saw its scenic beauty and heard the murmur of its waterfalls, exclaimed ‘Una!’, which means “one” or “only”.

In the southern part of the Šipovo municipality, in the deep dark canyon, emerges river Janj. Small but charming, Janj is rich in trout and grayling, and it emerald green water that made it a protected natural area of Republic of Srpska and a home of another primeval forest called Janj rainforest.

Also in Šipovo area, 8,5 km from the town, three springs emerge to make up Pliva River. This is a perfect natural phenomenon for rest and relaxation famous for the fact it represents one of the biggest springs of drinking water in Europe.

Tara Sutjeska
Alagovac Sutjeska


It is said that water is source of life, and it makes the most beautiful natural shapes that gives us humans a feeling of absolute submission to powerful nature that is all around us. Republic of Srpska is full of lakes that prove once a again why this region is truly a undiscovered beauty.

A special charm mountain Zelengora has due to its “mountain eyes” – clear glacial lakes, located in the very bases of its peaks. The natural environment of the lake is untouched nature that provides a magnificent view to crystal-clear water. The magical image of Orlovac Lake, crowned by majestic mountains and wild nature is something you cannot see every day.

Lake Bileća on the Trebišnjica River, near Town of Bileća is the largest reservoir in the Balkans. There is a deserted village on the bottom of the lake, which was evacuated during construction of the power plant. The deepest point of the lake is 104 m at an altitude of about 400 m.

Alagovac Lake is an artificial lake near Nevesinje and the largest lake in the Nevesinje Valley. It cover an area of 40 ha and it a real paradise for fishermen who can fish carp, grass carp and silver carp, which are regularly restocked.

Zvornik Lake is the first accumulation at river Drina suitable for driving kayak, canoe, traditional boats as well fishing, swimming and relaxation. Torrential streams and rivers that flow into it manifested themselves by forming large and small islands and peninsulas around which there is a wealth of fish and wild ducks (mallards).

Lake Perućac represents tone of the most important reservoirs in the region. It is floating on its entire length which makes a special experience for tourist that enjoy the view at stunning landscapes, wild animals, pančićeva omorika and other endemic species.

Lake Balkana . Tourist recreation center, with its two oval lakes, placed in the heart of Lisina Mountain is interesting for visitors during the entire year. In the summer a small lake is suitable for swimming. A large lake is rich in various types of fish: amur, linen, trout… Forest paths with mild climbs are located around the lakes. They are made for easy walks, and refreshing stay in the forest.


Republic of Srpska is something you probably could not expect because of so many natural sites that are worth visiting. Nature has given as a great gift and blessed us with wild and untouched nature which is used to make people relaxed and positive.

Springs at River Krupa or Krupa na Vrbasu is located 25km south of Banja Luka at the place where river Vrbas leaves the canyon and enters Krupsko field. It is a small place perfect for a city runaway decorated with waterfalls, mills and spring sources. Specific also for a 16th century chapel and medieval city Greben represents also a historical site.  

Janjske otoke is another truly special place in the Šipovo area, located 4 kilometers downstream from the spring of the Janj River, at 550 meters above sea level. Multiple cascades and waterfalls of the river leave an unforgettable impression.

Zelenkovac is a mountain excursion site located about 70 kilometers south-west of Banja Luka. It has the same name as the clear mountain stream on which many centuries ago fifteen watermills were built. Today, these watermills are used as small houses and bungalows suitable for accommodation of those searching for a peaceful natural environment.  

Krupa na vrbasu Sutjeska
Krupa na Vrbasu
Banja Vrucica Sutjeska


As a gift from nature, and well recognized by past civilizations, spa were and are one of the oldest human practices when it comes to health. The splendid mixture of health and nature in the area of the today's Republic of Srpska has been noticed by ancient Romans and Byzantines.

The thermal mineral water of Laktaši Thermal Spa has been known for its healing properties and positive effects on human health since ancient times for which there is material evidence. Enjoy this healing water, either in outdoor or indoor swimming pools with dissimilar contents. Much more on:

The complex in Slatina Spa, 12 kilometers southeast from Banjaluka, is an integral part of the Institute for the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation „Dr. Miroslav Zotović“.Fresh air, beautiful woods and diverse fauna combined with generous springs of thermal mineral water with the highest temperature of 42 degrees are perfect points for relaxation of your body and mind. Much more on:

Kulaši Spa is located 14 kilometers from Prnjavor, at the foot of mountain Ljubić. This spa is built near the thermal spring of the extremely curative and unique, highly alkaline, oligo-sulfide hypothermal water. Kulaši Spa is just one of the six thermal springs of this type of mineral water in the world. This healing water helps in many treatments from kidneys to skin diseases. Much more on:

Vrućica spa is located in the vicinity of Teslić, and represents one of the most modern health, congress, wellness and tourists centers in region. With 4 hotels and total capacity of 1000 beds, wellness center, congress halls, tennis, basket-ball and soccer courts, and arranged parks, walking and cycling trails, his health-tourist center provide numerous options for vacation, health, recreation and leisure. The thermal mineral water of Vrućica Spa has been known for its healing cardiovascular, rheumatologic and neurological difficulties. Much more on:

Višegrad Spa due to altitude and natural ambient where it is placed has all the characteristics of air spa. This spa is first in Bosnia and Herzegovina by radioactivity whose level is therapeutically optimal. On springs of this thermal water grows an endemic species of fern “vilina vlas” (fairy’s hare; trans.note), by which spa complex got its name from. Much more on:


Caves are the most beautiful pearl of nature and probably the least explored. Those in Republic of Srpska are truly hidden symbols of past times telling their story trough icons, prehistoric drawings and glaciers.

Pavlova cave is located just 2km from Peto - Pavlov monastery is specific for its interior decorated with luxurious pillars and cave jewelry. Inside the cave is hidden the small magical lake, and according to the story this cave was visited by Apostle Paul that baptized the local population inside the cave.

Rastuša caves are a complex of 6 mutually joined caves that represent the biggest speleological formation in Republic of Srpska. It is located near town of Teslić and famous for its attractiveness and uniqueness. Here, the bone remains of cave bear (Ursus Spelaeus), a distant ancestor of Brown bear (Ursus arctos) more than 16,000 years ago were found.  

Orlovača cave, located near Pale is so called monument of nature unique for its cave jewelry. It is one of the first explored caves in the country and its over 2500 m of channels were tested while 566 m are suitable for tourist visits. This cave was also a home of cave bear whose bones were found here, as well of one of the more endangered mammalian groups in Europe, a blind mouse (Microchipoptera), and the autochthonous insect Charonites Zoppai Orlovaciensis.

Orlovaca Sutjeska

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